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The Revolutionary, Complete Home Hydrogen Water System!

Total Hydration Bundle

Transform your Health, Transform your Family, Transform your Life.

What's in the Bundle?

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Echo Ultimate
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Digital Faucet
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Water Filtration System
Echo clean shadow
Echo Clean
Echo go plus e1682714502148
Echo Go+ (2)
Replacement filter (for echo h2 machine™, echo 9 machine™, echo 9 ultra machine™, and echo ultimate™) (2)
echo Filter (4)
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Cleaning Cartridges (4)
Lady filling water bottle with water from echo ultimate / the best hydrogen water machine
Water Bottles (2)

Hydrogen Water is Scientifically proven to...

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The Science Behind Hydrogen Water

All of life is made of molecules, including our bodies. Molecules allow our blood to flow, our body to function, and each of these molecules is made by a group of atoms bonded through their electron field. Sometimes, the atoms of our body lose the necessary electrons to function through oxidative stress, becoming a ‘free radical’. These dangerous atoms scavenge cells looking for a new electron to pair with, causing damage to DNA and important cells. Oxidative stress is the leading cause of most diseases. 

Hydrogen water is extra hydrogen gas dissolved into water without changing the pH, providing a powerful solution that reduces free radicals and repairs cellular damage. Hydrogen-enriched water delivers hydrogen gas (H2) for your body and promotes ideal cellular health, antioxidants, newly renewed focus, and longevity. HYDROGEN WATER has been proven to have over 40 different health benefits. Researchers have published over 900 scientific studies over the past 100 years proving the benefits hydrogen water has on the human body.

I’ve only had it for one week but I’ve noticed that the ringing in my ears is gone! I also seem to be more alert with less brain fog. My sleep has also noticeably improved.
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Maggie Q.
I love my Echo Machine! The first thing I noticed when I started drinking the hydrogen water was the inflamma- tion in my knees started to go away. Then I noticed my joints felt better. Eventually, I was able to stop taking many of my meds, including Omega 3, because my body felt so much better naturally. Even my sleep has improved.
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Jeremy S.
We own an Echo H2, and all I know is we are never sick and aren’t on any medication, over the counter or prescription, I think that is very telling!
Janette M.