Hey there, Hydro Homie,

At Echo H2O, our mission is to flood your life with healthy hydrogen water and happiness. But we understand, sometimes a product might not quite ride the wave the way you’d hoped. So here’s our ‘No-Sweat, All-Splash’ return policy:

  1. The 30-day Ripple Rule: If our product doesn’t fit into your life’s flow as smoothly as you expected, no worries! You’ve got a refreshing 30 tidal cycles (aka days, in plain ol’ dry land talk) from the purchase date to return it. Just remember, time and tide wait for no one!
  2. Defective Buoy – Oh Boy!: If your Echo H2O device is causing more bubbles than expected, we’d like to exchange it. After all, we all deserve a second chance to go with the flow, right?
  3. Partner Puddles: Dived into our products through a partner? Cool! Just remember to register it using the warranty form – think of it as the golden ticket to our hydration station.

Here come the small waves, though. We need to apply a 15% restocking fee (it’s kinda like a parking ticket for our warehouse), and you’ll have to cover the return shipping. Consider it your contribution to keeping our product life-cycle flowing smoothly!

Sadly, we can’t accept returns for items marked as “As Is”, “Sale Final”, “Clearance”, “Open Box”, or “Refurbished”. These are the hidden pearls in the ocean – you get them ‘as is’, and who doesn’t love a bit of a treasure hunt?

In this great big sea of choices, we’re stoked you chose to ride our wave. If you hit any snags or just need a friendly port in a storm, remember, we’re here for you.

To cap it off with a high tide – thank you for choosing Echo H2O. Keep making waves!

Stay hydrated,

The Echo H2O Crew