Echo H2® Machine


For reduced oxidative stress and inflammation, try our Echo H2® Machine! Install the machine on your countertop or under the counter for hydrogen-enriched water with no pH change.


The Echo H2® Machine is one of our original Echo Water® Machines. It generates clean, great-tasting hydrogen-enriched water while maintaining a neutral pH.

The Echo H2® Machine creates two types of water: hydrogen-enriched water and filtered water. It does this by running two streams of water through the machine: one for harvesting hydrogen gas and the other for outputting the ready-to-drink hydrogen-enriched water. By adding hydrogen gas to the second stream of water, the water that you drink has a -400mv to -500mv oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). An electrical potential in this range facilitates gut repair, stimulates healthy bacteria growth, and boosts immune function. The Echo H2® Machine produces hydrogen-enriched water with up to 1.6 ppm of hydrogen gas.

How to Use

The Echo H2® Machine is a versatile and reliable device, whether it’s on top of the counter or under the sink. If you install your Echo H2® Machine under the sink, you will need the Echo H2® Faucet. This faucet does not replace your existing faucet, and it is typically placed in a second opening at the corner of the sink to disperse crisp, clean hydrogen-enriched water.

echo h2 machine sitting next to a full glass of water on a kitchen counterecho h2 machine sitting on a kitchen counter

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Chrome, Stainless Steel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Black, Countertop Install (No Faucet)

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