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  • Echo Go™


    Experience the power of hydrogen-enriched water with the Echo Go™ hydrogen water bottle - your perfect partner for a health-conscious lifestyle. This portable gem employs advanced technologies, including Solid Polymer Electrolysis (SPE) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM), ensuring an optimal hydrogen concentration that surpasses the therapeutic threshold. Constructed from impact-resistant...

  • Echo Go+


    Designed for people on the go, the Echo Go+™ hydrogen water bottle allows you to have access to hydrogen-enriched water whether you are working out at the gym, running errands, taking a vacation, or simply enjoying the outdoors.

  • Echo Clean™


    Just add water for a 100% natural, safe cleaning system 80X more effective than bleach! The Echo Clean™ generates hypochlorous acid, a powerful, all natural solution that is merciless on germs and bacteria, yet gentle on your skin and household surfaces. Use it in your home, in the office, and...

  • Echo RO™ System(Tankless Reverse Osmosis)


    Introducing the Echo Reverse Osmosis, your ultimate home solution for pristine, purified water. Our state-of-the-art tankless system easily fits under your sink. The 4 stage filtration effectively eliminates contaminants like chlorine, lead, fluoride, and more, providing fresh, great-tasting water straight from your kitchen tap.

  • Hydrogen Water Pitcher


    Introducing the Echo Hydrogen Water Pitcher – your ultimate hydration solution! This sleek and innovative pitcher infuses your water with hydrogen molecules, unlocking a world of health benefits. Experience improved hydration, enhanced athletic performance, and increased antioxidant support with every sip. Its user-friendly design and cutting-edge technology make it the...

    SALEEcho Hydrogen Water Pitcher
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What is

Hydrogen water is regular water (H2O) that we infuse with extra hydrogen molecules (H2). This might sound simple, but adding these tiny atoms of hydrogen can have a HUGE impact on your health and wellness.

But why add hydrogen? Research shows that hydrogen, being the smallest and lightest molecule, can easily penetrate into cells, offering unique health benefits that regular water can’t. It can help reduce oxidative stress (a big factor in aging and disease), boost energy, and even enhance athletic performance.

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But Where Does the Hydrogen Come From? Let's Get Electric! ⚡️💧

Curious about how we get that extra hydrogen into Echo Hydrogen Water? The technology is actually very cool!

Picture this: water (H2O) is zapped with an extremely precise electrical current. This isn’t magic; it’s science! The electricity breaks the atomic bond and splits the water molecules into their basic elements – hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen gas (H2) produced is what we infuse back into the water.

This process isn’t just fascinating; it’s a game changer. It ensures that the hydrogen in our water is pure and ready to work its wonders in your body. And the best part? It’s environmentally friendly and sustainable. We’re not adding anything unnatural – just giving water an extra boost of its own element!

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The BuZZ Around Echo water
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Dr. David & Kim Martin
Linda Cohn
Alfonso Ribeiro
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Dr. Fab Mancini
Fox News, The Doctors
Leigh Erin Connealy, MD
The Cancer Revolution
Gary Brecka
Human Biologist & Bio Hacker
Cameron Mathison
Tony Jimenez, MD
Hope 4 Cancer
Laila Ali
Boxer/Health Influencer
Novak Djokovic
Professional Tennis Player
Daniel Pompa, DC
Health Centers of the Future

Benefits of
Hydrogen Water

Our breakthrough hydration technology delivers powerful antioxidants that optimize cellular health, improve focus, and increase longevity. Say goodbye to ordinary water and embrace a healthier lifestyle with our hydrogen-enriched water.

Boost Your Immunity

70% to 80% of the immune system is housed in your gut. Stress, poor diet, and pesticides weaken your gut to nearly 20% functionality. The electrical potential in Echo H2 Water™ repairs and restores the gut and improves food intolerances.

Live Better, Longer

By neutralizing harmful free radicals and oxidative stress, which is the leading cause of disease, hydrogen water has been proven to help regulate heart disease, diabetes, reduce wrinkles and skin issues, and speed up wound healing.

Increase Your Energy

Adequate hydrogen supply is essential for optimal energy production in the body, which can help improve energy levels and combat fatigue.

Stimulate Your Brain

As a selective antioxidant, hydrogen water has been proven to improve mental clarity, prevent cognitive illness, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, boost mental focus and clarity, and help with mental illnesses.

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
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"Running has been my passion since high school, but each year it became more challenging. Then, I discovered Echo Hydrogen Water—it’s been a game-changer! I feel like I've turned back the clock by 30 years! Now, at 60, I’m running more frequently and covering longer distances than I have in a long time. The increased energy and quicker recovery times are simply amazing. If you’re an athlete seeking that extra edge, I wholeheartedly recommend Echo Hydrogen Water!"
Sarah M.
Sarah M.
Graphic Designer
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Before discovering Echo Hydrogen Water, I often found myself feeling foggy-headed and struggling to stay upbeat, especially during my demanding workdays. But since I started drinking this miraculous water, it’s like the clouds in my mind have parted! I’m experiencing a noticeable lift in my mood and my brain function is sharper than ever. The days of struggling through mental fog are behind me, and I feel more positive and focused. It’s amazing how such a simple change can make a world of difference!
Amy Jankovic
Amy Jankovic
Teacher (Retired!)
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"Before discovering Echo Hydrogen Water, I was constantly tossing and turning at night, and mornings were a struggle filled with aches and pains. It felt like I had tried everything to find relief. Since incorporating Echo Hydrogen Water into my daily routine, it’s like I’ve been given a new lease on life! My sleep has significantly improved – I fall asleep faster, and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The aches and pains that used to greet me every morning have substantially diminished. I feel more at ease and ready to take on the day. Echo Hydrogen Water has truly made a world of difference, and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone seeking better sleep and a more comfortable, pain-free life!"
Isabella Rossini
Isabella Rossini
Full Time Mom
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"Being a mother to five lively kids means my schedule is always packed and taking time for my own health often takes a backseat. I felt exhausted and constantly on edge – until I discovered Echo Hydrogen Water. It’s been my daily dose of serenity in the midst of chaos! Every sip feels like a moment of self-care, helping me stay energized, focused, and less stressed. I've even noticed I'm sleeping better, and those aches and pains are becoming a thing of the past. It’s so easy to incorporate into my hectic routine, and the benefits are truly life-changing. I’m a happier, healthier mom thanks to Echo Hydrogen Water, and that means the world to me and my family!"
Greg Marshall
Greg Marshall
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I was growing increasingly frustrated, feeling like I was missing out on the activities I love. That’s when a colleague introduced me to Echo Hydrogen Water. Skeptical but desperate, I decided to give it a try. The difference was remarkable! My energy levels skyrocketed, allowing me to explore more trails and enjoy my hikes to the fullest. Plus, my digestive issues started to fade, making my everyday life so much more comfortable. Integrating Echo Hydrogen Water into my routine was the best decision – it brought back the zest in my life and helped me reconnect with my love for the outdoors. Thank you, Echo, for reigniting my passion and improving my well-being!
Jenny Thompson
Jenny Thompson
Project Manager
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I was burnt out, feeling like I was merely surviving each day rather than truly living it. Then, a fellow mom at my kids’ daycare recommended Echo Hydrogen Water. Initially, I was unsure, but I was willing to try anything that promised better health. To my amazement, since incorporating Echo Hydrogen Water into my daily routine, my energy levels have surged, and I've been staying healthy, even in flu season! It feels like a cloud has been lifted, and I’m finally able to enjoy my busy life and cherish moments with my kids. A heartfelt thanks to Echo for being my daily dose of vitality and resilience!
Toby Carter
Toby Carter
Health Coach
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'I was initially skeptical, but a fellow health coach who had experienced similar challenges couldn’t stop talking about the benefits of Echo Hydrogen Water. Intrigued, I decided to give it a shot, and it's been nothing short of transformative! Since incorporating Echo Hydrogen Water into my routine, I’ve experienced a noticeable boost in my focus and energy levels throughout the day. Gone are the days of afternoon slumps and struggling to stay alert during client sessions. I feel revitalized, more connected with my clients, and I’m able to enjoy my evenings feeling energetic. Thank you, Echo, for being a game-changer in my health and helping me be the best health coach I can be!'"
Angela Washington
Angela Washington
Physicians Assistant
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"I was searching for something that would support my body’s natural defenses and help me maintain my energy throughout long and often stressful days. When I came across Echo Hydrogen Water, I was intrigued by the scientific backing and the array of health benefits it claimed. Since I started drinking Echo Hydrogen Water, the difference has been remarkable! I’ve experienced a significant boost in my energy, my mental clarity has improved, and I feel more resilient in the face of daily stressors. It’s made a notable difference not just in my professional life, but in my personal life too. I can now give my best to my patients and still have energy left to enjoy my time off. I’m so grateful for discovering Echo Hydrogen Water – it truly has enhanced my life!'"

Echo H2O

MORE Hydrogen
Our hydrogen infusing system infuses more hydrogen molecules per tablespoon than any other brand on the market, so you get the most from every sip!
Hydrogen Purity

Echo Hydrogen Water is the only hydrogen water technology in the world that does not change the pH of the water during it’s active process.

Consistent Results

Most Hydrogen Water machines reduce their ability to infuse hydrogen in water over time. Not Echo H20! Our Hydrogen Water Machines infuse the same amount of hydrogen on the first sip as the the 10,000,000 sip.

BEST Industry Warranty

Each of our machines comes with a 5 or 10 warranty, the best available for hydrogen water machines!

Independently Certified

Echo H20 Is proud to be the ONLY Hydrogen Water Machine to obtained the IHSA certification, the only ever awarded, for our patented hydrogen water technology.

Unsure Where to Begin?

Get custom

Take our Lifestyle and Wellness Quiz to discover which hydrogen water products fit best with your lifestyle, health, and budget! Still unsure of your results? Finish the quiz to gain optional access to a FREE consultation with our medical professionals!


Hydrogen water has offer 40 proven health benefits due. Hydrogen water is a powerful antioxidant and carries the same benefits – reducing free radicals and relieving your body of oxidative stress.

You can drink hydrogen water as frequently as you would like! Hydrogen water can replace all of your regular water consumption.

Absolutely! Hydrogen water eliminates particles from your blood and lungs.

Like a warm hug on a chilly day. Like the sun on your base skin after a long winter. Like… now seriously. It tastes like water. That’s right. No yucky aftertaste like hydrogen pills. No funky flavor from alkaline byproduct. Just pure, glacially supreme, hydrogen enriched bliss.

Hydrogen water is the smallest molecule in our universe! It doesn’t stay trapped in any medium for very long. Tin, plastic, glass… you name it! Hydrogen is the Houdini of the periodic table. That is why we recommend that you enjoy your cup or bottle of hydrogen water shortly after it pours. In a sealed bottle, most of they hydrogen has escaped your water after approximately 10 hours of containment.

Like consuming regular water, hydrogen water can help you feel full longer and keep you hydrated – both are strong additives for any healthy lifestyle. 

Unlike regular water, hydrogen water has been scientifically proven to help increase your VO2 max, reduce recovery time between your workout sessions, and reduce inflammation throughout your body.

You can, however keep in mind that you will displace some of the hydrogen molecules from the water. This means that you will have to drink more water to get the same level of antioxidant power in your daily routine.

PS. It’s delicious all on its own. Order an Echo Go+ to experience it yourself. 

Water is not flammable. In fact, it makes for an excellent flame retardant. And you will not become more flammable or combustable by drinking hydrogen water. 

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